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I'm still alive!

I had a wonderful year 2019 and really enjoyed it. I met a lot of nice and friendly people personally and it's always a new experience for me. Some of the people I met were shy - but lost their shyness in no time. I always want to feel them well and the best is a smile on their face when they leave.

Find some time to relax - maybe with my movies



Pretty soon my own caviar wasn't enough for me and I dreamt of being covered with the shit of a lot of men I decided to make these extreme movies. And what became of me you can see in my movies. I wish you a lot of fun when watching them.

As I am an open minded, fun-loving and (maybe) a little bit crazy woman I want to try out as much as possible - mainly regarding my sex life. I believe it is great to be able to say: "I did everything I wanted to do". It is better than: "I would have liked to do this but I didn't dare. I was too craven and now it is too late".


Q: There is a lot more scat porn available today, but is it different from when you started?

A: When I started there were only a few movies from the US available and I was the first lady who'd done this in real in Europe.

Q: Where do you see the scat industry going in the future? Do you think it will ever become mainstream, or will it always be on the fringes of extreme fetish?

A: Scat sex is only for a special group of people - I think scat sex will never become mainstream.
The whole interview is here ..


If you put all the adequate clothings out the evening before then you don't have to run around searching – where have I put this and that? You have to know that even after all those years I've been in the business I still have stage fright.

When the production takes place at my home I have to do the decoration of the room on the eve of the shot. It is necessary to talk about the screenplay and the whole schedule of day, more so if we don't know each other in advance. Not to forget is the current HIV test. This is very important to me.


Dear former members,
I'd like to thank you for staying with me for so many years. Your support means a lot to me, it has helped me do the things we love with a smile on my face.

With a heavy heart I closed the member-section of my website on January 15th, 2014. You can still buy my movies at Hightide-video. Older titles are re-released in better quality. All currently available movies are listed here.


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