After hopefully spending an enjoyable night I get up am go straight into the bathroom to take shower. Personal hygiene and the base for the make up are included there. Then I put on a kimono or other comfy clothing – I don't need any pressure marks now – and go to the breakfast table. The breakfast should be ample but not too rich. I prefer 1-2 cups of coffee, white bread, butter, jam, honey, yogurt and a bit of cheese. To complete the meal I eat a few pieces of chocolate and smoke 2 or 3 cigarettes.

After this I return to the bath room and finish the make up and hair-do; this takes about one hour.

If you put all the adequate clothings out the evening before then you don't have to run around searching – where have I put this and that? You have to know that even after all those years I've been in the business I still have stage fright.

When the production takes place at my home I have to do the decoration of the room on the eve of the shot.
It is necessary to talk about the screenplay and the whole schedule of day, more so if we don't know each other in advance. Not to forget is the current HIV test. This is very important to me.

In the meantime the set, as it is called among experts, is prepared. This includes: spotlights to illuminate (depending on the desired light mood from 2 to 4), a tripod for the camera, a microphone (to hear me moan with delight), fitting foils or light covers.

Very important (don't laugh): there should be some media in the camera (tape or memory card), all batteries should be charged and of course the camera should work.

This takes about an hour again and as soon as my cameraman is ready we start. Usually we take some short test shots and in case everything is perfect there is nothing that can prevent a good movie.

Once in a while there are commands from the camera-man regarding the sound or when he doesn't see what he wants during a scene (in case there are rookies on the set there are mistakes bound to happen e. g. the actor turns away from the light, the hand or foot is covering a face, he talks too much or doesn't say a word at all and so on). This is not a big deal as the work is supposed to be fun but it takes time, that's for sure.

Movie shots last for hours and sadly enough not everything works out like it is planned. This can be because of nervousness, too many persons around, the cock doesn't want the way the guy would prefer it to and so on. In order to loosen up with the partner it can be helpful to abscond to another room and to give a blow job (of course NOT till the guy cums). This can work wonders.

For recreation there is a coffee- respectively a smoke-break or a small snack. There is no lunch as a full stomach makes it hard to work and one only gets sleepy.

Hours go by until a complete script is filmed; sometimes, when there are problems and not everything goes according to plan, a movie shot goes well into the night. We are all dead beat then.

In case it is not too late we visit a nice restaurant and have a nice dinner. Otherwise we oblige the pizza delivery service to cater for us. Most of the time we have problems to keep our eyes open then, we look forward to go to bed and a successful day of work and fun comes to an end.

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